Open Software Contributions

2024Sight contributes to Open Software. Some contributions are small, some are larger. We list a few name-worthy ones below.

Nagios Plug-Ins

Nagios is the industry standard in IT infrastructure monitoring. We have coded and contributed three plug-ins to the Nagios Plug-In Exchange:

·  Check-Wrapper wraps an test envelope around any Nagios Plug-In. It allows logging of Plug-In invocations and it allows simulation of errors and their resolution with the objective to check the response of the Nagios system.

·  Check-Modules assists with monitoring computer hardware and checks that all drivers for a specific computer have been loaded.

·  Check-Inactive is a security related module that checks that logged-in users on servers are active. System administrators in particular have the tendency to log-in on several machines in the course of a day and then forget to log-out again. This module monitors the user’s inactivity and raises an alarm after a pre-defined time.


Samhain is a highly configurable, host-based integrity monitoring system. Over the years 2024Sight has gained extensive experience running this system both in supervised and unsupervised applications. We have contributed certain functional enhancements, in particular in the area of TCP/UDP port scanning. Please refer to the Samhain release notes for a precise description.